How Entrepreneurs can Protect Themselves from a Bad Accountant!

How entrepreneurs can protect themselves from a bad accountant

Anyone can call themselves an accountant. They don’t need to have passed any exams, gained relevant experience or belong to a professional body before they start working on your business tax and accounts. Scary right? Every week I hear story after story from business owners and entrepreneurs who are anxious about their accountant or have … Read more

How to know when to make a small business investment

What investments are you making in your small business this year? No doubt you’ve got lots of plans for the year ahead! You probably want to increase your profit, and maybe that means reducing your costs. But be careful about how you decide which costs you don’t need! It’s common for small business owners to … Read more

The 3 Seriously Wrong Beliefs I had about our Small Business Finances

I often hear women say ‘I feel ashamed that I haven’t taken time to understand my business finances’.  My cheeks flush pink as I think ‘you’ll never feel more ashamed than me’. Because I’ve been there.  I know the story. But I shouldn’t know the story – I really shouldn’t.  I’m an accountant that’s worked … Read more

6 Ways for Small Businesses to Minimise Accountancy Fees

Do you dread THAT email from your accountant or bookkeeper? You know the one – the one you’re scared to open once it pings into your inbox. The one that delivers not only the news about your tax bill but as if that’s not enough, also the bill for their fees. Whether you’re getting them … Read more

Want your business to survive? Start by managing your cash!

Want your business to survive? Start by managing your cash!

Cash is king as they say, and realistically, no matter how many sales you’re making, if there’s no cash, there’s no business. With lockdown kicking in for a second time this year, affecting many of our businesses this month, it’s vital to get a grasp of your cash. It’s time to say hello to the cash … Read more

Dear all Female Entrepreneurs and Business Owners….

Dear all Female Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

I know you had a dream – you were going to build your own beautiful business. You were going to be one successful woman!  It took you ages to get the confidence to go for it.  You had this amazing idea, you got so excited, determined this would be the life change you needed, the … Read more