Dear all Female Entrepreneurs and Business Owners….

I know you had a dream – you were going to build your own beautiful business. You were going to be one successful woman! 

It took you ages to get the confidence to go for it.  You had this amazing idea, you got so excited, determined this would be the life change you needed, the thing that would give you the work / life balance you craved.  You’d be earning amazing money, be in control of your hours, be around for your kids, be able to take them on amazing holidays.

Your emotions were all over the place, excited one day, but scared the next – what if it didn’t work out?  But you went for it!  You want your children to see you happy, knowing one day they can do the same thing.  You want your partner to be proud of you – you want them to know it’s not all on them.

So, you launched! You got your clients – things were looking good!  But wow – you had no idea how much time this business would take up – all the admin on top is drowning you.  You thought you was going to get freedom, but instead you’re spending the evenings/weekends tied up with emails, invoicing, chasing payments, panicking that your clients won’t pay for all that work you’ve done. 

You’ve barely touched your books – you’ve got a vague idea of what you’re making, but you’re just going to wait until your tax return is due before you do much else – you just don’t have the time.  You know you should be doing more – but what, you have no idea. You’ve done a bit or research online, but everything seems so complicated and boring! 

You’ve got no idea if you’ve saved enough for your tax.

Your bank looks crap – you’re serving all these clients, but your cash is so bad! 

You’re doubting your decision to set up this business – you’re doubting if it was really worth it, if a 9-5 is actually the better option.  This was supposed to bring you joy, but your passion is being sucked up.

But deep down you know this is the right route for you.  You’ll make it work.  You need to get your passion back and that means dealing with the stuff that’s creating your anxiety. 

I can guide you through the finance side – instead of being confused and overwhelmed, you’ll be confident and in control.  I’ll show you how to review what’s working and what isn’t, how to make it easier to manage, how to save time and money and how to keep on top of your tax. 

No jargon included and no maths degree required.

Helen x